HOW TO HELP VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME get in touch Volunteering is easy: even just an hour a week is incredibly helpful. If you don’t have any particular skills, we can always find something useful to do together for our community. DONATE CLOTHING FIND OUT WHERE You can bring us new or used


PAST AND PRESENT The history of the structure that houses LabCasa Gialla sul Molo is older still than the idea that motivated its inception. Our building was given to the Congregation of Carmelite Nuns in the late 1940s, as a bequest that required it to be used for nonprofit purposes.


OUR STORY STARTS WITH A DREAM AND AN UNLIKELY MEETING A solitary, shy boy with big brown eyes arrived in Sampieri from a faraway country. He was special, hungry for life, curiosity, and eager to learn as many words as he could in the new, foreign language he was surrounded by. At the same

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